26 May 2020

Stepping Forth: Life After Covid-19 (Free E-book)

As I watch restaurants and hairdressers re-opening, and read that flights will soon resume, I can't help but feel conflicted: relieved and excited on one hand; reluctant and anxious on the other. Coming from me, a person who isn't currently reliant on any of these institutions for my livelihood, this resistance sounds self-indulgent. But, being frank, I don't want to return to normal life if it means continuing to destroy the planet, exploit people and animals, and poison our soils, seas, and selves.

I believe there is an alternative to our old ways. A fairer, more balanced, more beautiful world in which we can all play a part. It seems to me the first step in achieving this is to empower people with the knowledge they need, in the form of practical tips and tools, to participate in a new, infinitely better reality.

I hope this book inspires people to take action in whatever way they can, with enthusiasm and belief. Please share this wherever it may be useful, and with whomever it might strike a chord.


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