I'm Nina - a 28 year-old Maltese/British writer, facilitator and producer - currently living in Portugal.

My work spans many subjects, but I'm particularly interested in permaculture, ecology, art and expression, indigenous revival, social & environmental justice, and similar topics. My blog is split into two categories:

  • STORIES: My, or other people's, travel and life stories, encounters, and interviews
  • LIFESTYLE CONTENT: Holistic, ethical and environmental living, sustainability, how-tos
I have written several photo stories in collaboration with my partner Ed, we call this project Miles from Anywhere.

I also write poetry. You can find this, along with other creative writing on my Instagram @ninjwrites or my Tumblr.

Contact me at nina.rosner@gmail.com


The majority of photos on this blog are my own. Some are from royalty-free sources like unsplash.com.

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